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Steggall Nutrition Pty Limited (SNPL), located in Brisbane, Australia, manufactures and supplies formulated nutritional blends to distributing and manufacturing companies servicing the health care, aged care, sports and special dietary requirement markets.

The company has a comprehensive knowledge of micronutrients and this information is used to assist customers to develop products to meet specific nutritional guidelines.

SNPL applies the highest professional standards consistent with customer requirements, including a quick and flexible response and the ability to meet deadlines.

Products are developed in response to market requirements and incorporate ingredients selected to optimise organoleptic and nutritional characteristics at a competitive price. Manufactured products are packed into 20kg bags, metal or composite cans up to 2.5kg, polythene jars and pails, laminated pouches and bulk sacks up to 600kg.

A comprehensive quality assurance/food safety program which monitors the product formulation and raw materials receival through to the manufacture and dispatch of all packed finished goods is maintained by SNPL.


Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and HACCP Principles of Food Safety as recommended by CODEX Alimentarius and accredited by SGS are basic integral parts of this operation. This ensures the production of safe, high quality product conforming to customer requirements and regulatory standards.

All products and services comply with specifications agreed with customers as well as applicable regulatory requirements such as the Food Standards Australia and New Zealand Code before release. Through effective use of staff time and materials we can ensure competitive costs and timely delivery.

It is the policy of SNPL to achieve these objectives by establishing and maintaining an effective and efficient relationship with customers so that their expectations are consistently met.

The Quality/Food Safety Management System of Steggall Nutrition is based on HACCP principles to achieve confidently assured production of safe food products.

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