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Product Development

Would you like products that have a distinctive advantage over your competitors?

Contact our technologists who will guide you through the process of addressing a particular health area by using our ingredient and formulating knowledge to develop premixes with the required nutritional benefits at a competitive price.

Raw materials are sourced globally and in many instances we buy and hold stock exclusively for a particular product. We are constantly monitoring and evaluating new raw materials as they become commercially available to offer the latest in nutritional trends to our customers. Information about each raw material is kept in an extensive data base, enabling the generation of comprehensive nutritional, commercial and compliance data about premixes containing these raw materials.

Taste is often the most challenging aspect of working with ingredients that impart nutritional benefits. We place an enormous emphasis in this area and have acquired considerable expertise in manipulating flavours to enhance the taste appeal of products. During the development process we rely on customer feedback to make formulation adjustments, so that ultimately a product is developed to customer nutritional and taste expectations.

The final premix is supplied with a Product Specification that contains all necessary technical and commercial information for the launch of your product.



This includes but is not limited to:

  • Ingredient Declaration
  • Nutrition Information Panel
  • Allergen Information
  • Mandatory Warning and Advisory Statements
  • Country Of Origin Status
  • Genetic Status
  • Shelf Life
  • Flavour Status

You have the confidence of knowing that the integrity of your products is supported by ingredients that have been scrutinised by our Quality Assurance Department. All premixes are shelf life tested for stability and supplied with a Certificate of Conformance or Certificate of Analysis.

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