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Advantages of using Custom Blended Nutrient Premixes from Steggall Nutrition


There are several factors influencing the final premix and all of these are addressed by our food safety/quality program. Paramount to this is raw material quality which is underpinned by a Certificate of Analysis that is checked with each delivery for compliance. This ensures that you receive the same premix every time, supported by a Certificate of Conformance or a Certificate of Analysis as per your pre-determined standards.


It is our business to keep abreast of nutritional trends and through the combination of ingredient knowledge and market awareness our technologists are proactive in offering creative solutions to like minded customers.

Accelerated Product Development

Think of us as an extension of your laboratory. We have the resources and the knowledge to convert your idea into reality by applying our ingredient expertise to develop a premix with the nutritional benefits you require. With over 400 ingredients in stock and many more in our ingredient data base we can formulate a range of premixes for your evaluation. Our response time is quick and when the project is finished you have the assurance of knowing that we have used quality ingredients from approved suppliers with known lead times.

Regulatory Assistance

We help you determine the regulatory status of your product and provide assistance with nutrition and health claims as per the FSANZ regulations. For many nutritional ingredients there is insufficient safety evidence to include them as approved food ingredients and through our intimate ingredient knowledge we are positioned to offer reliable advice on their regulatory status.


Inventory Savings

Nutritional ingredients are expensive and the attrition rate with new products is high. How often are you left carrying a multitude of redundant raw materials? We supply your requirements against a nominated forecast in a pack weight that matches your production batch quantities. Instead of purchasing multiple ingredients that will be used at varying addition rates and correspondingly different re-order dates, we offer the opportunity of purchasing one convenient premix.

Production and Laboratory Efficiencies

It is much easier to add one ingredient premix, rather than several ingredients separately, especially when we have done all the weighing for you. Simply add one or more pack to each batch of your product. In addition, your laboratory only has to check one ingredient.

Improved Quality Control

The likelihood of mistakes is minimised when one bag of premix is used in the preparation of a batch, instead of several separate ingredients.

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